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Our Mission


Our mission is to train all to recognize an emergency, call 911 and give proper help before anything else happens.  We want all persons in your workplaces and community to be able to stop, respond and provide emergency treatment if needed until advanced help arrives.  We are all EMT's with years of medical and emergency experience using real-life scenarios for class interaction and training.

We are a fun and great group of instructors that will go to your work-place or home for an on-site training. Classes will be supplied with charts, posters, CPR mask and certificates after completion.


Why American Heart Savers:

Savings:  Our prices are very competitive compared to your local large organizations. The money saved will allow for more First Aid and CPR supplies for yourself or your company.

Immediacy:  Most classes are scheduled within a two week period, faster if needed.  We can schedule at your
work-place and do not have a destination fee.

Record Management:  Our records are kept
in-house for a 4-year time frame and are not shared or sold to outside businesses.  One call to us and we can confirm information if needed.

Expert Training:  All our instructors are either EMT's or professionally trained and up to date with years of experience and references if needed.

Benefits:  All courses are certified with a
2-year approval and meet OSHA and state requirements.

Convenient: Simple registration, your location, 
and low prices. Register for a class now.



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