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Improve health, safety and quality of life by providing training to the community

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Hello, my name is Ceasar Cortez.  I am the owner of CPRGuy which is my emergency training course I offer for individuals and businesses.

I specialize in emergency responder training which deals with CPR/AED/First Aid for businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California, ultimately improving their knowledge on how to react in an emergency situation.  Please shoot me a quick email to see how I can help you!

Past clients have included the likes of Brookdale's, Oakmont's, Pacifica's, Atria's and professional Medical and Dental offices throughout the county.

I hold a current AHA Instructor license along with others and a current EMT license as well.  I have been working in the Medical Dental community for over 35 years with plenty of experience along with my military background.

I am an energetic and fun instructor in which students and companies always ask for my return.

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